Definitions of Psychics, Mediums, Numerologists, and Others

Definitions of Psychics, Mediums, Numerologists, and Others

Definitions of Psychics, Mediums, Numerologists, and Others

Did you know that a medium and a psychic are different things totally? Do you already know what a numerologist does? How approximately an astrologist or a beyond life regression therapist?

what is A PSYCHIC?

contrary to popular perception, psychics do now not speak with the deceased. Psychics are targeted on you and your contemporary and beyond lives. A consultation with a psychic will let you understand in case you’ve selected the proper profession or if it is a superb concept to marry a positive man or woman.

what’s A MEDIUM?

Get this – all mediums are psychics however no longer all psychics are mediums. Who might have concept?! A medium is someone who’s capable of communicate with those who’ve died. for the duration of a session with a medium it’s far probable that the medium will provide validating statistics. they will pass alongside facts like “your father was tall. I experience around 6’4”, or “your grandmother came thru and is announcing some thing about a small orange kitten. those are matters that can be demonstrated.

what is past existence REGRESSION remedy?

commonly a person enters right into a country of hypnosis and is guided back to a preceding incarnation. past life regression remedy is first-rate for folks that need to recognise why certain themes maintain arising in their existence, i.e. negative relationships, fear of water, worry of enclosed spaces, etc. you would possibly see in a preceding incarnation which you drowned at sea for this reason your fear of water. past life regression therapy is an splendid technique to apply so one can find emotional blocks, to learn the basis of your fears, and to better recognize how preceding incarnations are effecting your contemporary incarnation.


Psychic detectives can become a treasured component of any police department. Psychic detectives often use their psychic capacity to get a glimpse at who dedicated the crime, to guide detectives to in which the evidence has been hidden, and most significantly they are able to help to locate lacking people. a few people even go up to now as to rent a psychic detective to assist them to discover lacking gadgets.


A numerologist is a person who is capable of take numbers, together with your birthday and offer an evaluation of your strengths, weaknesses, type of persona, as well as obstacles that can be coming your manner. You do not want to be a psychic to be able to be a video numerologist 2018 you just need to know how to investigate the numbers.


Astrologers study the alignment of the planets on the time of your birth. From this they’re capable of offer a detailed evaluation of your existence’s purpose, karma, obstacles, and your character. just like the numerologist you do not need to be psychic on the way to become an astrologist.

what’s A clinical INTUITIVE?

A scientific intuitive is a person who’s capable of diagnose and deal with bodily troubles. they’re capable of get a feel of where the ailment is positioned in the frame and what it’s miles affecting. a few clinical intuitives will hover their hands over your frame and do a short scan. frequently times when they have landed on a symptom their hands will begin to heat up. diagnosis and restoration can take region in individual or over the cellphone. a few healers opt to work for your recuperation as soon as you have fallen asleep and are extra receptive. With instances wherein the person isn’t always physically present the clinical intuitive can also use a proxy. A proxy is honestly a “stand in” for the person. you may choose to apply a massive doll as your proxy or maybe a couple of pillows. The information will come in all of the same.



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