Fox Labs mean inexperienced Pepper Spray – OC Spray at Its pleasant

Fox Labs mean inexperienced Pepper Spray – OC Spray at Its pleasant

Fox Labs mean inexperienced Pepper Spray – OC Spray at Its pleasant

Fox Labs is a widely recognized logo call within the regulation enforcement network for appropriate motive. They manufacturer what many accept as true with to be the most powerful pepper spray (once in a while called OC spray) available on the market these days. founded in 1992, Fox manufactures a large lineup of OC sprays both within the conventional canister and keychain transport systems.

Fox Labs history

Fox pepper spray turned into made famous by using its unique 5,300,000 Scoville warmth Unit (SHU) system that is with the aid of far the freshest OC spray within the industry. that is far better than the everyday 2 or 3 million SHU heat content found in competitor products. buy pepper spray what is specific about this terrific warmth stage is that Fox Labs is capable of acquire this high SHU rating with most effective a 2% oleoresin capsicum percent. The evidence, as the announcing is going, is inside the pudding. Fox Labs makes use of a top rate components that emphasizes top class grade pepper resin first-class which has an instantaneous impact on the overall warmth and stopping electricity of the OC spray. The fee of the pepper resin which Fox makes use of is is approximately five-10 instances extra than their competition.

even as the law enforcement community and civilians rave about Fox’s five.3 million SHU method, Fox has developed every other revolutionary premium pepper spray line known as mean green™ which we believe is one of the maximum precise pepper spray merchandise on the market these days and all law enforcement and civilians ought to take serious observe.

imply green™ Pepper Spray Description

Fox Labs suggest green is constituted of green OC formulation consisting of pepper resin rated at 3,000,000 Scoville warmth units (SHU). The pepper resin is so purified it is truely clear. The fine of the pepper resin used is unequalled within the enterprise. different manufacturers use low grade resin after which mix this with different components, which weaken the overall preventing power and slows the time it takes for the pepper spray to react. suggest inexperienced™ presents extreme warmness, effective stopping electricity, is non-flammable and has a completely unique, without problems visible green identity dye which could take days to take away from the skin.

mean inexperienced™particular green Dye

one among mean green’s most precise capabilities aside from its critical heat and fast acting formulation is its bright green dye. This dye makes it smooth to pick out the attacker for law enforcement officials or campus protection officials. This dye can take days to dispose of from the skin and manner that the attacker will have to stay out of the public eye for many days, or risk being diagnosed as an assailant. this can make the job of identifying those assailants plenty less complicated for police. The green dye is vegetable based totally and safe for human use.


whether you are a regulation enforcement officer or a civilian looking to buy pepper spray for standard protection to successfully stop and be able become aware of your attacker, mean inexperienced™can be an wonderful alternative. The imply green™ line is to be had in each 1.50 and three.00 ounce canisters (in move and cone fog) as well as in keychain pepper spray shape.


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