Unlock The Key Of Shaolin Fighting Kicks

Unlock The Key Of Shaolin Fighting Kicks

Unlock The Key Of Shaolin Fighting Kicks

In China we once had two Shaolin Temples, one out of the south and something within the North. It’s stated the Southern Shaolin Temple was renowned for their punches and also the Northern Shaolin Temple was renowned for their kicks.

But centuries ago the Northern Shaolin Temple was burned lower and also the only record from it today is within history books. The abilities from both temples have finally merged. The traditional books in the temple state that to be able to have effective kicks, we have to develop three vital shaolin temple china.

Three Essential Ingredients

Versatility. If you wish to kick with speed and memory you need to have just as much control of your leg while you do your arm. What this means is training it to possess just as much versatility and skill as the arm.

Speed and power. Versatility does not result in speed and power therefore the next factor you need to focus on is gaining speed and power.

Strength. In Shaolin we’ve 70-two variations and one of these simple styles in known as Iron leg. The objective of learning iron leg generally is to help make the leg as hard as iron.

If you’re able to combine these 3 essential ingredients effectively your leg is a weapon and you may then progress towards the 4th element, that is.

Using your weapon.


If you have read my other articles you already know that i’m always counseling mma fighters to include running for their training. No boxer would ever enter in the ring without stamina training so that as everybody knows, all boxers include running in their stamina training. In the Shaolin Temple it is the same, we always begin our training having a run, this will not only help us with this stamina it makes the body hot.

Once your body is hot then we stretch our arms and our legs. After we have extended out our muscles only then do we start to perform the Five Fundamental Kicks, that we shown inside a previous Combat article and in my Shaolin Workout One DVD.

The 5 different angles of those kicks increases our versatility much beyond just stretching ever would. In the kicks then we enter in the three-way splits. This training make our legs and sides flexible to ensure that our legs and sides can relocate different angles, and it is the initial step to creating our leg flexible.

Mixing Traditional With Modern

Once are going to the 5 fundamental kicks we are able to then mix them, for instance we are able to carry out the inside kick using the outdoors kick and link them together. We are able to increase the amount of takes over the mixture. We are able to make use of the five fundamental kicks like a warm-up before our fighting kicks.

Speed And Power

All traditions of fighters use hard work to link the hyperlink the kicks together and exercise various fighting combinations. At Shaolin we link fighting kicks with traditional training. The objective of this really is to bolster our legs.

We might remain in Ma Bu (horse stance) for 5 minutes therefore we is going to do the fighting kicks as rapidly as possible for just one – three minutes. This mixture of stance and kick links power with speed. Or we might increase a hill so when we return we kick bags as rapidly as possible. We creates a goal to kick a hundred or more hundred occasions. Our legs will feel so tired it’s difficult to lift them off the floor but we won’t stop until we have completed our target.



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